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Life literally changed in a matter of six months. No one saw the pandemic's catastrophic devastation. Many businesses closed, hope flickered, norms switched, dreams fainted, and spirits dampened. While others see the world's bleak future, we see it differently. It's time for us, coaches, and leaders to help others adapt and navigate successfully in the new world.

How To Help Others As A Virtual Coach

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First three sessions are pro bono. You can agree on your fees afterwards

What's In It For You When You Coach?

When you offer help to someone in distress, you widen your influence and your network. We get stronger with the professional relationships we build. The first three sessions of about 30 minutes are enough to add somebody to your network for you to help influence and help grow.

"Let's remind ourselves that at one point in time, we needed a guiding light as we traverse this life's journey. There's no exemptions. Even Phil Jackson has a coach, Jack Welch, or Steve Jobs. We all need one.
"When we offer free coaching to other people who need a guide, an expert, a leader, an experienced mentor, we offer LIGHT and LIFE to others, and we don't lose any amount of these energy. As a matter of fact, our skills will sharpen, experience and knowledge will broaden and breadth goes far and wide -- around the world".

About the Organizer

Cliff Roperez, DBA

Director of Staff Development, Doctor in Business Administration – Leadership and Global Business, Virtual Transformation Coach, Creator of Mastery.Coach and SideHustle.Community, Keynote Speaker, NLP Master Practitioner, Lead Speaker of Trails on Fire Worldwide Campaign, Nurse and Author (5 Books on Leadership, Success and Goal-Setting).

"My mission is to light the path of those who hope for change, guide their energy towards their life goals, help ease their struggle to regain their will to keep the fight for life and greatness " .


Coaches, How About We Share Our Skills For Free For The First Three Sessions?

Someone out there needs you. Let’s lead them to the light, let’s direct them to the pasture, Let’s take them to fresh spring source. Let’s share our expertise, that’s one thing that when we share, we gain. Let’s share our gift and wisdom with them. Let’s bring back the real conversation that converts a lost soul, a tired spirit, a doubting mind, a surrendered warrior… into a new victor.


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